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Cost of living


At SLS, we recognise that managing the cost of living is more crucial than ever. Our mission is to provide not just a place to live, but a supportive environment where financial stability is within reach for all our residents. Discover how we help you manage your expenses, maximise your resources, and maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Understanding Cost of Living

The term “cost of living” refers to the amount of money needed to sustain a certain standard of life, covering expenses such as housing, food, taxes, and healthcare. At Compass Housing Support, we tailor our services to ensure that these essentials are affordable for you, focusing on sustainability and quality of life.

Our cost-effective housing solutions

Our housing solutions are designed with your financial health in mind:

  • Affordable rent: Adjustable rent based on income.
  • Utility savings programmes: Innovations and support to reduce water, electricity, and heating costs.
  • Community resources: Access to services such as free food and clothing are provided from our charity Mental Aid and other local charities.

Financial Support

  • Budgeting Workshops: Learn how to manage your money effectively.
  • One-on-One Financial Planning: Personalised sessions to help you set and achieve financial goals.
  • Emergency Fund Access: Support during unexpected financial difficulties.
  • Access Benefits: Help to apply for benefits. Read more about benefits available in the UK.

Community Support

  • Discount Programmes: Special rates and offers exclusive to our residents.
  • Employment Opportunities: Job fairs and training sessions hosted within the community.
  • Educational Programmes: Classes and workshops to enhance skills and employability.
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