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How to rent guide

Welcome to our guide on understanding your rental rights and responsibilities as outlined by the UK government’s official “How to Rent” checklist. At SLS, we specialise in providing supported housing for individuals with mental health needs, learning disabilities, autism, and other complex support requirements. This page is designed to help our residents, their families and professionals navigate the renting process confidently and securely, with support tailored to their unique needs.

What is the “How to Rent” Guide?

The “How to Rent” guide is a government-issued document that offers vital information to current and prospective tenants in England about the rental process. It details crucial information that tenants need to be aware of at each stage of renting a property, from initial considerations to moving out.

Why is it Important?

Understanding the “How to Rent” guide is essential for:

  • Knowing your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.
  • Ensuring you are dealing with a reputable landlord.
  • Comprehending the legal requirements and documentation involved in renting.

Key Sections of the “How to Rent” Guide

1. Before you start

  • This section helps you evaluate what to consider before renting, focusing on affordability and the type of accommodation that suits your specific needs.

2. Finding a place

  • Guidance on finding a suitable place, understanding rental terms, and identifying what questions to ask your landlord to ensure the property meets your needs.

3. When you’ve found a place

  • Expectations from your landlord, the importance of a clear tenancy agreement, deposit protection schemes, and comprehensive property inventory checks.

4. Living in your rented home

  • Insights on your rights regarding privacy, how to request necessary repairs, and guidelines for living with others, including adjustments for those with special needs.

5. At the end of the fixed period

  • Procedures for renewing your tenancy, options if you choose to leave, and landlord obligations if they require the property back.

6. If Things Go Wrong

  • Advice on addressing disputes, sources for additional help, and your rights in case of potential eviction.

How SLS Can Help

At SLS, we understand that navigating the rental market can be particularly daunting for those requiring additional support. Our team is committed to:

  • Providing personalised assistance in understanding and negotiating tenancy agreements.
  • Helping secure suitable accommodations that meet specific health and safety standards necessary for our residents.
  • Offering ongoing support and advocacy throughout the duration of your tenancy to ensure a stable and supportive living environment.

For more detailed information on each section of the “How to Rent” guide, you can download the latest version “How to Rent Guide” from the government website..

Contact Us

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at SLS. We are dedicated to ensuring your renting experience is as supportive and comfortable as possible.

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